Case Management

From admission planning to discharge, the case management team is responsible for coordinating a needs-based and effective course of treatment for our patients. We ensure an optimal, well-timed course of treatment during the patient’s entire stay in the clinic and also into the period of follow-up care. Through our work, we coordinate and support the clinic’s interdisciplinary approach to treatment and care.


Hub of the clinic

Even before admission, we look at the needs of each individual patient and determine which care and therapeutic interventions are required. In a rehabilitation assessment carried out when the patient is admitted, we decide the actual level of treatment and care needed, plan the aims of the therapy and care package, as well as deciding on the possible outpatient care needed once the patient has been discharged,. We initiate and coordinate all procedures, from planning a patient’s therapy to their discharge from the clinic. We are the hub around which the other departments revolve.

Interdisciplinary exchange and communication

We naturally talk regularly to the multidisciplinary treatment team and find out about the progress made by each patient, adjusting the treatment plan as necessary. We do everything to ensure that every patient’s stay at the clinic is as effective as possible.