Cognitive abilities

Speech, abstract thought, the planning of actions, concentration, perception and memory are all cognitive functions of our brain that we use every day and that we take for granted. Many neurological disorders impair these abilities in a multitude of different ways.

Restoring cognitive abilities and picking up new ones


Cognitive rehabilitation works with the fundamental capability of the human brain to regenerate and reorganise itself and to create new connections, thus making it possible for patients to learn new things or regain previous abilities.

We try to restore cognitive function as far as possible, and where not possible, to implement compensatory strategies. We also do our best to minimise any effects that the mental or emotional disorder may have.

Individual therapy objectives

The objectives of our therapies always depend upon the capabilities and the potential of each individual patient. For many, we are able to successfully integrate the patient into family and social life, through courses of neuropsychological and speech therapy. Reintegration into the world of work is also possible for some patients. For others, we offer them assistance in finding a new career path, setting new goals in life, incorporating their functional limitations into their lives, and developing their strengths.

Multidisciplinary team

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, educators and speech therapists working side by side. They are also closely involved in the interdisciplinary range of treatments administered to our patients on the wards.