The diagnostic facilities in our clinic are subject to the guidelines set out by the German Association for Clinical Neurology and our doctors all hold the relevant qualifications.

Interdisciplinary diagnoses are carried out quickly and efficiently in cooperation with our partner institutions. The most important clinical disciplines are represented in our centre by a system of consultation. Our close network of cooperation partners ensures that, where necessary, patients are transferred smoothly to the relevant departments.

Neuro-urological diagnostic techniques files/diagnostik/diagnostik1.jpg

We have a very modern infrastructure in place for this type of special diagnostic investigation. We use various different urodynamic proce­dures that make the processes both measurable and visible.

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As well as using our own methods when carrying out diagno­ses, we also have swift and uncompli­cated access to a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging techniques, thanks to our close relationships with our cooperation partners.

Diagnostic methods

Neuroradiological diagnostics

  • Multislice spiral computed tomography (CT)
  • Fixed flat panel x-ray detector system
  • Mobile x-ray machines


Neurological diagnostics

  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Electroneurography (NLG)
  • Evoked potential (EP) in all modalities
  • Electrocardiography (ECG)
  • All neurologically relevant ultrasound procedures
  • Echocardiography


Neuro-urological diagnostics

  • Investigations into incontinence
  • Urine tests
  • Video-urodynamic investigations
  • Urological radiology
  • Endoscopy/Endourology
  • Diagnostic sonography of the urinary tract and sexual organs
  • Neuro-urological neurophysiological examinations