Hygiene management

We are committed to maintaining the very highest quality standards for hospital hygiene. We work closely together with the University Clinic Bonn to ensure an efficient, transparent and practicable hygiene management system:

a committee comprising our in-house nursing managers, hygiene specialists and a specially trained senior physician in charge of hygiene issues, together with microbiologists, hospital epidemiologists and physicians from the University Clinic Bonn, meets regularly to work on optimising the hygiene standards within the clinic, in line with the very latest developments.

Closely monitored controls and efficient strategies

This interdisciplinary committee analyses the status quo, documents and evaluates hospital-acquired infections, interprets the pathogen statistics and develops the hygiene standards within the clinic in accordance with the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute, constantly adjusting them, should these guidelines change. We are able to provide efficient crisis management, should clusters of certain infections (e.g. Norovirus, Clostridium) ever arise. Where pathogens, for example MRSA, occur, we precisely monitor and record them, so as to be able to control them as effectively as possible. For patients who may pose a risk of infection, we carry out an admission screening process in the department for Early Stage Rehabilitation.

Systematic implementation in all areas

Our nursing managers, hygiene specialists and doctor in charge of hygiene issues, are continuously checking that all procedures are being painstakingly implemented and that our hygiene standards are being maintained – in all areas and working spaces, whether it's the daily work on the ward and in the kitchen, or in the work of our utility managers and cleaning staff.