International Service Office

The “International Patient Services Department” is the point of contact between international patients and staff in our clinic.

This service offers everything required for effective communication and enables us to overcome language barriers and respond to queries.

We have many years of experience working with international patients, in particular from Arab countries. We have a multicultural staff and our clinic boasts a range of languages. All this allows us to provide our international clientele with patient-orientated and holistic treatment.

Mutual understanding creates trust

We overcome language barriers to explain our therapy concept, which is often unfamiliar in foreign countries. In everyday treatment, we strive to take different social and cultural backgrounds into consideration, and to develop intercultural understanding. This is how we foster mutual understanding, which is essential for any stay in the clinic.

Our patients’ well being is of paramount importance to us and we are always happy to help.

Comprehensive service, right from the start

Our service begins even before the patient arrives. Once we have received the medical documents, we promptly provide information on therapy options, duration and the cost of the treatments. We arrange all formalities with the relevant embassy and make preparations for admission. For those planning their stay privately or as self-paying patients, we contact the relevant German Embassy in the country regarding visas, in order to limit delays.

We offer a transfer service to and from the airport for patients and accompanying persons. For severely affected patients, we will naturally use appropriate patient transport ambulances. Our office, complete with multilingual staff, is happy to assist at any point during our international patients’ stay.

Contact partner for the entire stay

We are happy to offer general guidance and help looking for accommodation, or booking a hotel or apartment for accompanying persons. If required, we will also arrange visa extensions for patients or accompanying persons.

We coordinate any medical consultations required outside of our clinic and arrange the relevant transport.

If treatments costs are to be covered by a state fund, we maintain contact with the relevant authorities and provide regular reports in English on the progress of the treatment.

We hope our patients enjoy a relaxed, pleasant and successful stay in our clinic, so they can concentrate on the most important thing, together with their family: recovery.



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