Leisure activities within the centre

The diverse range of leisure activities that are on offer within the centre gives our patients the opportunity to relax and take their minds off things.

Assistance offered for all activities


We provide assistance for patients during all activities, and make sure that as many of them as possible are able to take part.

When patients are not able to make their way to us independently, we are happy to go and collect them from the ward and accompany them again on the way back.

Playing together, making crafts and staying active

You are warmly invited to our games evenings that take place every Tuesday and Thursday. Whether it's card games, board games or bingo – we offer a large range of different options. If any of the participants' motor functions are not yet sufficient to play independently, we will gladly support them and also make sure that appropriate aids are available.

We also offer craft courses: whether silk painting, basket weaving, or working with soapstone and wood, we instruct and guide our patients in how to use the materials and techniques, offer them assistance, and are available to answer any questions.

In the summer we organise a communal barbecue every 3-4 weeks – these evenings always turn out to be very cosy and a good time is had by all.



In addition to that, our patients can also choose to do other activities, including swimming, playing waterball, and having music and DVD evenings.

Playing is thinkingPlaying is fun files/freizeit_im_haus/freizeit_im_haus02.jpgfiles/freizeit_im_haus/freizeit_im_haus03.jpg

Left: Two evenings a week, our patients are able to play a wide range of different games – a way for them to train their mental abilities and to have fun. Right: We organise regular sessions of swimming, playing waterball and watching films together, and often have barbecues on pleasant summer evenings.

Crafts with different materials files/freizeit_im_haus/freizeit_im_haus04.jpgfiles/freizeit_im_haus/freizeit_im_haus05.jpg

During craft courses using many different materials, patients can make items that they are able to keep and take home later as a reminder of their time here.

Guest lectures about different subjects

We also organise regular guest lectures by people from various different fields – from medicine to culture.

It goes without saying that the patients' relatives and friends are also very welcome to take part in all leisure activities that are on offer.