Medical-professional rehabilitation

One of our clinic's specialisations is the area of medical-professional rehabilitation, where they carry out the important task of assessing the patient's ability to work and explaining the different opportunities that each individual has for reintegration into professional life.


We work to ensure our patients are permanently reincorporated into the world of work, and together with them we also explore possible new career prospects.

files/schwerpunkte/med-berufl-rehabilitation2.jpg In our neuro-educative training sessions we supply patients with infor­mation relevant to their academic and professio­nal training, and inform them about learning stra­tegies and compensation techniques.

Paths towards a professional future

Our objective is to analyse, maintain, improve or re-establish as quickly as possible the patient's capacity to take on a working role, based on their current abilities. Of utmost priority is the long-term re-integration of the patient into the world of work and into a career. If it is not possible for the patient to go back to take up their previous employment, we work with the patient to find a way of re-orientating them professionally.

Modular rehabilitation concept

We work with a modular therapy concept that facilitates the patient's transition from medical to professional rehabilitation. The majority of our patients still require functional therapies in the form of motor, cognitive, speech and medication-based treatments.
Our modular approach allows us to tailor our methods to the individual requirements of each patient.

Vocational, educational and neuropsychological diagnostics are key to the process, as are the use of professional therapeutic evaluations, endurance tests, and external trials carried out in close cooperation with the relevant health insurance company or sponsor.

Precise analysis and individual planningng

In Dr. med. Verena Güldenberg and Dr. med. Gudrun Breier's multidisciplinary team, doctors, therapeutic care staff, speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, neuropsychologists and neuro-educators work side by side.

We work together with our patients in setting out an individual rehabilitation plan, that we constantly review and modify throughout the therapy process. We analyse the patients' cognitive and motor abilities, and compare these to what was required of them in their previous job and throughout their professional history, exploring other career possibilities where necessary.

During this comprehensive analysis we don't just take into account medical data, but also information about the patient's level of education, interests and professional career, as well as lifestyle factors such as what the local job market is like, or their family and social situation, and the level of support that they receive there.

After the individual's performance profile has been compiled, we go about creating an equivalent approach for the period after rehabilitation. This is carried out in close cooperation with the relevant sponsors and, if it is the case, the employers too, in order to ensure the most prompt transition possible.

Neuro-educational support and advice

The neuro-educators in our team give advice to patients who are engaged in gainful employment, reviewing their current skills and expertise, and offering academic and vocational training courses. They also inform patients about learning strategies and compensatory techniques. Patients with neuropsychological disorders affecting specific fields of performance such as reading, writing and arithmetic, are offered targeted support from our team of neuro-educators.
The goal is always to maintain the patients' capacity for work or to prepare them for a possible new career path.

Our team members are competent and qualified contact people who are there to advice, inform and support each and every patient.

Physician responsible for medical-professional rehabilitation:

Senior Physician Dr. med. Verena Güldenberg, Neurology Specialist, Senior Physician Dr. med. Gudrun Breier, Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine Specialist