Medicinal-technical equipment

Our clinic is equipped with medical devices that meet the latest requirements for rehabilitation diagnosis, therapy and care.


The most modern medicinal-technical equipment for the best diagnostics, therapy and provision.

Our new department for neuroradiology was opened on the 1st of June 2011. The facility is connected to the department for rehabilitative medicine, and serves to ensure short response times and make prompt use of targeted diagnosis.

Here we use high-performance methods of generating cross-section images, such as multislice spiral computed tomography. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that meets both the demands of modern diagnostics and the strict legal requirements regarding the safe execution of x-ray treatments. Key to this is ensuring a low level of radiation exposure. We achieve this with the systematic use of modern computer copying techniques and the latest highly sensitive control mechanisms. As well as multislice spiral computed tomography, we also have modern digital flat panel x-ray systems.

There is at least one indication-specific equipment room on each floor of the centre, where injections, the treatment of wounds and other medical procedures are carried out. Medical aids and appliances, orthopaedic equipment and wheelchairs are adapted to meet individual needs at the clinic's own workshop, in cooperation with external companies.

Our department for early stage rehabilitation is equipped with artificial respiration units and systems for monitoring patients' heart and cardiovascular functions.

The rooms in the paraplegia centre give severely paralysed patients the opportunity to use the telephone, internet and TV, using head, mouth and speech controls.

  • Environmental control aids/(Sicare, Siphone, head-operated mouse, IntegraMouse)
  • Overhead lift systems in E – Paraplegia centre building
  • Mobility aids/KG (wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, walking frames, stair climbers, splints, orthopaedic braces)
  • ADL aids/occupational therapy (bath lifts, bath boards, specially adapted handles)
  • Communication aids/occupational therapy (sounds applied to specific functions)
  • Electric muscle stimulators/occupational therapy
  • Medical treadmill/KG