Neuroradiology is concerned with the depiction and evaluation of the nervous system using illustrative procedures. Our department, which opened on the 1st of June 2011, is located in the direct vicinity of the Department of Rehabilitative Intensive Medicine. We can therefore guarantee short distances and the fast deployment of targeted diagnostics.


Our department is equipped with the most modern technology, such as the high-performance sectional imaging procedure of the multi-line spiral computer tomography.

Use of the most modern technology

Our department’s facilities feature the most modern technology and fulfil the demands of contemporary diagnostics as well as the strict statutory requirements for gentle x-ray therapy with low radiation exposure. The foundation for this is the consistent application of modern computer technology and sound, highly sensitive regulatory mechanisms.

A new calibre of findings

Among others, we apply high-performance sectional imaging procedures such as the multi-line spiral computer tomography, which allows for very fast experiments. Our flat panel detector x-ray systems work exclusively in digital format, offer diverse varieties of image processing and thus reveal an entirely new quality of findings. For x-ray diagnostics at the hospital bed, we use modern mobile devices.

Networked information

We can directly transfer computer tomography images of our patients to the University Hospital Bonn by means of a close networking. This is very helpful, for example, in the case of short-term decisions about necessary therapies or when a gravely ill patient must be relocated in another clinic. Radiology is contactable around the clock.

Doctor responsible for the field of neuroradiology:

Prof. Dr. med. Horst Urbach, Senior Physician for Neororadiology at the University Hospital Bonn, Consultant for Neuroradiology, Consultant for Radiology