Professional Information

In order to provide referring doctors and employees of supporting organisations with a clear overview, we have here in this professional information section concisely compiled information about the range and scope of the services that we offer.

The rehabilitation centre’s objectives

The books of the German Social Security Code stipulate specific rehabilitation requirements for the provision of medical therapeutic services, with regards their objectives, content and scope. 

The health mandate that the clinic has committed itself to is largely defined by its humanitarian aspect, and comprises, in particular, assurance that preventative and rehabilitative medical services are to be provided.

The Neurological Rehabilitation Centre Godeshöhe is also committed to further developing rehabilitative medicine, together with all of its subsystems, and to making a contribution to the world's most precious commodity, people's health.

The rehabilitation centre's objectives are based on the legislator's mandate (the books of the German Social Security Code), of which the projects “Rehabilitation before Retirement“ or “Rehabilitation before Nursing Care“ form key aspects. For those people of employable working age, we share the same goal as the pension providers – that of preserving the patient's ability to work, or facilitating their return to working and professional life and reintegration into their social environment. Here, the basis of the provision is formed in particular by the recommendations of the German Federal Association for Rehabilitation (BAR) regarding medical and neurological rehabilitation measures.