Social care service

As contact partners for all questions about follow-up care, social care service staff focus on helping patients organise their daily lives once they have been discharged from the clinic. The team is made up of qualified social workers who provide an important, complementary service to the medical and therapeutic treatment that patients receive in the clinic. Social care workers are integrated into the clinic’s multidisciplinary team and work closely with other specialist areas.

We aim to ensure that the success achieved by our patients in the clinic continues once they are back at home and, if possible, that they build on this success. Key to this success is helping patients help themselves and making it possible for them to live an independent life.


We take time to answer any questions our patients have, and try our very best to help them and their families to come up with a plan for what's next after leaving our clinic.

Comprehensive advice and support

In detailed discussions, we provide patients, families and legal carers with information and advice about further treatment and care, either at home or in a nursing home. We focus solely on the individual needs of each patient and their particular condition or situation.

We also work together on developing a strategy for when the patient has been discharged from the clinic. In this context we inform patients about financial support and care insurance services.

We talk to patients about care possibilities at home, outpatient care and care services, meals on wheels, transport and emergency call services, self-help groups, therapy options, outpatient rehab options and local contact partners, day-care centres and flats for physically challenged persons, short-term and long-term care institutions, local contact and advice centres, and ID cards for severely challenged persons.

It is naturally up to patients or their representatives to decide on all aspects of follow-up care. We help patients make these decisions by providing them with detailed information about options and alternatives.

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Emergency call services, meals on wheels, transport services – we advise our patients and their families about all the different care possibilities that there are for them at home. There's a lot to consider, and a lot of things that need to be modified when making a home accessible for people with disabilities. We offer you help regarding any queries you may have, identify new options and put you in touch with the right in-house contact partners.

Contact partners for all questions

We take the time to respond to your questions and strive to give patients and their families the security of a plan for when the patients have left the clinic.

We are happy to act as your point of contact at any time. You can arrange an individual consultation or drop into the clinic during surgery hours for quick advice or to have any current questions answered.