Spasticity therapy

One specialisation of our clinic is the treatment of patients with spastic paralysis that results from injuries or damage to motor tracts in the brain or spinal cord – often following strokes, craniocerebral trauma or paraplegic syndrome.


The symptoms

Spasticity is the name given to an increase in basic muscle tension that causes restricted movement, as well as painful muscle cramps and muscle stiffness.

Long term therapy concepts

Spastic paralysis exists in many forms. An individually tailored, long-term therapy concept for every patient is crucial to a successful period of treatment.

Our treatment concept is multidisciplinary: Under the leadership of Dr. med. Christan van der Ven there are a team of doctors, therapeutic care staff, physiotherapists and occupational therapists working side by side.

Physiotherapy and medication-based treatment

One fundamental aspect is the work done by physiotherapists. The therapists reduce the spasms, thereby reducing the patient's pain. They also passively move the joints to maintain their flexibility, strengthen healthy muscle groups and stimulate physiological movement patterns. The treatment is designed to prevent misaligned limbs and stiff joints, and to re-establish muscular function.

Our medication-based concept works to complement these methods. We favour the use of local, intramuscular injections of botulinum toxin, but also administer an infusion of Baclofen via a drug pump that is implanted in either the University Clinic Bonn or the University Clinic Cologne.

In physiotherapy we also carry out corrective manipulative treatments and use splint supports.

Objectives and options

Spastic paralysis is a symptom of the aforementioned illnesses, and thus cannot be treated causally. The aim of our treatment is therefore to relieve pain, to improve the motor functions and flexibility of the patient, to prevent complications and secondary injuries and to facilitate patients' care, thus resulting in an overall increase in quality of life.

Contact people for patients and their families

We are of course the point of contact for our patients and their family members, should they have any questions regarding the illness or the care methods used during their stay.

We also offer our patients the option of outpatient care in our outpatient clinic for physical and rehabilitative medicine.

Senior physician responsible for spasticity therapy:

Senior Physician Dr. med. Christan van der Ven, Neurology Specialist, Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine Specialist