Sports therapy

We offer sports therapy as an extension and diversification of our range of physiotherapy treatments. It helps ensure patients get enough physical activity and offers them a way to relax whilst doing something positive.

Our sports therapy methods strengthen patients' weaknesses, improve their performance, and maintain their independence, thus increasing their quality of life.


Using the diverse approaches of sport therapy, we do everything to positively influence the progression and prognosis of illnesses.

Motivated movement

During all activities, we place a lot of importance on the playful, experience-orientated aspects of sport, in order to arouse patients' enthusiasm for exercise and get them motivated to move.

The area of sports therapy is integrated into the multidisciplinary team of treatments and the therapies are organised in line with our patients' capacity for movement and their various levels of capability.

A wide range of therapies

The therapies are usually carried out in groups. We offer a wide range, including gymnastics and sports courses for patients with varying levels of ability, balance and cardiovascular training, swimming for patients with physical impairments, water gymnastics, back strengthening exercises, Nordic walking, Tai Chi and wheelchair training and sport. All therapies usually take place once a day.

Exercise therapy with individual objectives

All patients are offered the chance to exercise using training equipment. The focus here is on improving strength – balance and the coordination of different muscle groups. Paraplegic patients here learn how to master daily routine tasks and practice the techniques they have learnt.

For all therapies we work with an enormous range of modern equipment and different facilities. Special areas within the clinic include a large sports hall and a swimming pool with three therapy pools.

Individual consultation

We naturally also give our patients information and suggestions about individual movement training methods and rehabilitation sports that can be done after leaving the clinic. By offering a diverse range of various sports therapies, we do everything we can to positively affect the progress and future of our patients' conditions, and to support their reintegration into family, professional and social life.