Our clinic is situated high above the city, in close proximity to the historical walls of the medieval Godesburg castle. We have a stunning panoramic view over the Rhine river valley and the Siebengebirge mountain range, including the prominent peaks Dragon's Rock and the Petersberg.

Town and forest only a stone's throw away


Only a few minutes away is Kottenforst forest: a nature reserve with a history stretching back more than 1000 years. It's an area of mixed woodland that on short and long walks, offers a place for rest and relaxation.

It doesn't take long to get to the centre of Bad Godesberg either – a town that's never lost its unspoiled urban character. There are many opportunities to go shopping here, and you can stroll through the picturesque Villenviertel (villa quarter) down to the lively Rhine promenade.

Those who can't get enough of city life will find a large range of cultural and social activities in nearby Bonn. The former German capital is unique in every respect and more than worth a trip.

Bad GodesbergAn experience for visitors files/umgebung/umgebung02.jpgfiles/umgebung/umgebung03.jpg

Left: The former electoral ball house 'La Redoute' is located in the centre of Bad Godesberg, and surrounded by a beautiful park. A walk through town should definitely pass through here. Right: Nature, town and the Rhine promenade: the clinic's varied surroundings also offer our patients' guests an interesting and relaxing place to be.

Walks in Kottenforst forestGodesburg castle files/umgebung/umgebung04.jpgfiles/umgebung/umgebung05.jpg

Left: The walking trails in the nearby Kottenforst forest are all excellently maintained, and there are cafés and beer gardens where you can stop off and replenish your energy. Right: From the castle's tower there is a fantastic view over the Cologne Lowland, the town, the Siebengebirge mountains and the Rhine river valley. There is a hotel/restaurant within its historical walls, and it is a popular day trip destination.