The clinic

The 320 beds in our clinic spread out through seven interconnected building units. The main building connects together all of the clinic's different bright and spacious units.


Die leichte Architektur unserer Häuser soll mit Helligkeit und freundlicher Gestaltung die Therapieerfolge unserer Patienten unterstützen.

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Meeting point and centre of the clinic

The main building is also our communication hub. This is where the reception is located, and where patient admission is carried out. There is also a restaurant and a cafeteria, complete with a kiosk and an outdoor terrace. The restaurant offers a wide range of different dishes for each meal of the day, while the cafeteria and kiosk are ideal for any other time of the day. Our patients enjoy the range of home-made cakes that are available in the afternoon, and are also provided with a good selection of daily newspapers, magazines, sweets, cold drinks and everyday necessities.

The lobby of the main building files/klinik-haus/haus07.jpgfiles/klinik-haus/haus08.jpg

In the main building, the lobby offers many opportunities to relax and meet with visitors

We have set up a library in the cafeteria area. There are computers with internet access and, similarly to the other buildings in the complex, lots of comfortable seating areas for our patients and their relatives and friends.

The restaurantThe cafeteria files/klinik-haus/haus09.jpgfiles/klinik-haus/haus05.jpg

Left: Our restaurant serves fresh and varied dishes and our five menu options offer something for everyone. Right: Our cafeteria is a popular meeting place within the clinic and a great place to chat, relax, eat and drink. We also offer a wide selection of cakes in the afternoon.

The libraryComputers with internet connection files/klinik-haus/haus06.jpgfiles/klinik-haus/haus04.jpg

Left: Our small library is set up within the cafeteria, making reading and browsing through the books cosy and enjoyable. Right: Close to the cafeteria there are computers with internet connection that can be used free of charge at any time of the day.

The clinic's pastoral care centre and our interdenominational Room of Tranquility are also located in the main building.

Information and offers regarding hairdressing, beauty treatments and chiropody, are also to be found here.