Treatment concept

We meet the challenges posed by the complex nature of neurological disorders with an approach based on close multidisciplinary cooperation between our various specialist teams.


Every patient that comes to us is in a particular and unique situation which means they require individual therapy concepts, exactly tailored to meet their needs. BehandlungskonzeptThey often have very severe illnesses or conditions, which have had a drastic impact on their lives. In these situations it is vitally important that new perspectives are opened up and that patients are able to develop a new outlook.

Using every option as early as possible

Our multidisciplinary treatment concept allows us to offer our patients the best possible care at a very early stage, thus achieving optimum results. Through the systematic implementation of cognitive and motor learning methods, we are able to make use of the brain's ability for renewal and recovery. We carry out systematic training throughout the entire day that enables us to alter patients' sensory reception to such an extent that new motor abilities are generated.

Multidisciplinary concept

Our closely integrated team, made up of specialists from the areas of neurology, neurosurgery, neuro-urology, psychiatry and physical and rehabilitative medicine, therapists from various fields within the areas of cognitive and motor rehabilitation, and specially trained therapeutic care staff, begin treatment as soon as possible. It is important to recognise individual patients' potentials and to employ every possible type of treatment that could help them. The therapies we carry out are interrelated and complementary.

Modern medicine and the human touch

The patients set the pace – we work in line with their abilities, making them aware of their potential and encouraging their initiative. One way we do this is by creating an environment for them in which they feel at home, and by involving their family members. For us, modern medicine and technology are always best complemented by compassionate care and a basis of trust.

We employ special treatment strategies...
treatment strategies files/behandlungskonzept01.jpg improve, recover or compensate for skills that patients have either lost, or that have become impaired >> more

Further training and the chance to share

Communication and learning are central to our multidisciplinary concept. Every member of our team brings their specialist knowledge, ideas and dedication to the table – and consults with the other departments regarding new developments in his area of specialisation. We also exchange ideas and information with our partner clinics, associated organisations, and with patients and their family members.

Pooling all resources

We do our very best to implement and incorporate every available method that could allow our patients to return to normal life as soon as possible. Only by working together are we able to achieve the best results from our treatments.