Treatment objectives

The Godeshöhe treats the entire spectrum of conditions and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system – in particular strokes, cerebral haemorrhages, craniocerebral injuries, aftercare following cerebral surgery, polyneuropathy, inflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis, and degenerative illnesses such as Parkinson's disease.

The aims of neurological rehabilitation

Our first objective in the rehabilitative treatment of any illness is to enable our patients to resume living in an independent and self-determined way, and to improve their quality of life – allowing re-integration into work, family and society.


Our physiotherapeutic treatments are primarily designed to work on developing our patients' movement so that they are able to resume an active part in life... >> more

The individual's unique situation is what counts

Individual patients' ability to achieve their goals is determined by their fitness level, their circumstances and the results of their latest medical examination. Together with them and their family, we plan and carry out their treatment step by step.

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We carry out our treatments in peaceful, cheerful and specially designed rooms, equipped with state‑of‑the‑art facilities... >> more Three therapy pools and a large sports hall are part of the huge range of facilities… >> more