Wound management

Our wound management team comprises specialist care staff working under an AZWM® (Akademie für zertifiziertes Wundmanagement / Academy for Certified Wound Management) wound manager and a doctor with surgical experience. The team looks after all patients suffering from chronic wounds, such as decubitus ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome, venous, mixed and arterial ulcers, post-operative wound healing disorders and those patients suffering as a result of burns.

Therapy according to individual needs


The healing of wounds is, among many patients, heavily restricted by the various internal, primary illnesses. Limited mobility resulting from neurological disorders is an additional risk factor, particularly if patients are unable to move the whole body or their arms and/or legs, as is possible with paraplegic syndrome. Properly led, well reasoned therapy management, and wound treatment based on the latest wound healing principles can be critical to the success of therapy.

Enhanced results from wound management

When admitting patients and during the entire course of therapy, we document all wounds, determine wound management and talk to the care staff looking after the patients. We treat patients based on the principles of moist, phase-adapted wound therapy and can apply and continue all therapy options. We can even perform biological or surgical debridements. We carry out regular wound inspections and adjust treatment to the respective state of the wounds, thereby ensuring that the most appropriate course of wound therapy is continued.

We conduct in-depth discussions with carers, doctors, therapists, patients and their families to ensure that the necessary measures are implemented. We can enhance and considerably reduce the length of the treatment by using an appropriate, phase-adapted treatment of wounds.

For patients with chronic wounds that require a long time to heal, we always take into account the individual needs of these patients, the requirements of their position and their possibilities for mobilisation.

Further training and information management

All members of our wound management team have completed training and/or further training and continue updating their knowledge to include the latest wound management know-how. The team leader stages regular training sessions on wound therapy and wound prevention for all clinic staff.

We produce comprehensive, EDP-supported photo documentation to which all specialist groups involved with wound management in the clinic have access at all times. This also means that we can pass on necessary information to those performing outpatient treatment later.